Escaping the Life of a Chameleon

I found this quite useful, I tend to get “fed up” and handle matters the wrong way. Good example of a better way to think.

Stories With Heart

To live life based on the expectations of others, is to live the life of a chameleon; constantly trying to read situations and become whatever they are expected to be.  The problem with the life of a chameleon is one never knows who they really are.  This is what the life of a codependent looks like.

My simple definition of a codependent is someone who derives their sense of self worth based on how much they are needed by others.  And the surest route to making people need you is to never say no to anyone.

One reason I can speak with some authority on this topic is that I lived a chameleon life for years.  In the early years of working full time in the ministry I was eager to be a servant to everyone – no matter what.  Those last three words constitute the death knell.  “Being…

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